Continuous Insulation:

Roofs to Walls


Date: Thursday, August 6
Time: 2:00 PM ET

Continuous insulation (CI) is the uninterrupted thermal barrier of a building, and it should be carefully considered in construction. The effective design and implementation of CI can impact the long-term performance of a building, leading to reduced operational costs and a more efficient structure. Additionally, the health and comfort of the occupants can often be directly connected to the performance of this critical building system.

Our Building Insulation and Roofing Systems departments are excited to collaborate and to bring you a comprehensive webinar that discusses continuous insulation in both exterior walls and roofing systems, and how the two systems can be integrated to optimize the efficiency of the entire insulation system.

Join JM’s Jeff Job and Joel Asrael for our BURSI webinar, Continuous Insulation: Roofs to Walls, on Thursday, August 6th 2:00 at PM ET. We will discuss various CI applications for wall and roof assemblies, general performance of these assemblies, and the impact of CI applications on other building systems.

We will cover the following topics before concluding with a live Q&A where you can bring your questions directly to our experts:

  • The impact of thermal bridging on roofs and walls
  • Material considerations for continuous insulation
  • Identify various roof and wall CI applications & assemblies
  • How CI can impact interior air quality and occupant comfort

This course is AIA accredited for 1 LU/HSW. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion that may be submitted for credit toward professional development hours (PDH)*.


*The webinar content is provided for professional development purposes only. It is intended to assist attendees in retaining and expanding their knowledge base. JM will provide a Certificate of Completion for attending the webinar. Acceptance of the certificate as a professional development hour is at the discretion of the organization that receives the submittal.