Meeting NYC New Local Laws for

Low-Slope Roofing and System Selection


Date: Tuesday, August 25
Time: 11:00 AM ET

Join the discussion on roofing trends in NYC – Sustainable roofing zone requirements and how to design for local laws 92 and 94. We will discuss the New York City R 33 insulation requirement and the NYStretch Energy Code that took effect on May 12, 2020. Discover how JM roofing assemblies can work with solar, overburden, and vegetative assemblies using the widest portfolio of roofing products including Liquid Applied, SBS, and PVC membranes.


During the conversation we will address:

  • How Local Laws 92 and 94 changes the Roof Design Process
  • Local Law 48 and R-33 insulation requirements
  • Protected Membranes, Vegetative Assemblies, and Rooftop Solar
  • What Membrane Characteristics are Desirable When Planning for the Future
  • Physical Characteristics of Johns Manville SBS, PMMA, and PVC systems
  • Liquid Membrane Flashings
  • The Benefits of Choosing the Right Johns Manville Assembly